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WHY Do We Specialize in working with YOUNG MINORITY PROFESSIONALS?

Less than 18% of personal financial advisors are people of color.¹

Sadly, underrepresented has also meant underserved in the financial service industry.

We want to change that narrative.

My Personal experiences.

Growing up as a second-generation American, outside of being told to "save more and spend less", conversations around money didn't happen too often. It wasn't until I started my career in finance that I learned how to effectively manage and plan my money.

As I progressed in my career, many of my friends and family had started coming to me with questions like, "How should I invest my 401k? Should I be investing in bitcoin? How can I buy a home if I don't have any credit?"

Unfortunately, prerequisites like net worth and income at the firms I worked at made it very difficult to effectively help the people closest to me in any kind of official capacity.


It's my mission to work with more people like you.

Financial Planning for Different Stages




Meet "Peter"

He's 23 years old and makes $50,000 a year as a photographer and is going to school for physics.


"I'm a year from graduation and I've been making decent money the last two years.


I won't be making as much when I start my new career, I haven't saved as much as I'd like and I have some student loans."


It may be important to weather the initial decrease in income. There may be options to defer or lower payments for student loans. 

Putting a reasonable % of current income into savings could help subsidize this and any potential unexpected expenses. 

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