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Financial independence from the comfort of your couch.

Who we work with.

Know Your Worth Financial was created to help educate and serve young professionals of color and immigrants.

We're here to simplify personal finance and offer a safe space for you to communicate openly and get the tools necessary for building the financial future you deserve.

Comfortable financial planning wherever you are.

We understand you're a real person with a real life. Finish dinner, let your hair down and put on your sweatpants. With availability on evenings and weekends, there's no need to worry about making a meeting in a stuffy office during "normal" business hours. As a virtual planner, we use the latest technology to meet you wherever you are.


Your comfort is our highest priority.

Why Know Your Worth Financial?


We have a legal and ethical responsibility to always act your best interest in mind. We do not use our clients’ assets for our own benefit or the benefit of other clients.


No commissions, no product pushing and no incentives to upsell. Our compensation is only what you pay us directly.

Judgment Free

We've all made mistakes. This is a safe space. No judgment on any current or past financial decisions. We're just here to support you and help make solid decisions.

No Minimums to start

No minimum asset or income requirements. We're not only here to help you in your wealthy life, we're also here to help you find the best path to that destination.

Customized For You

Solutions are tailored to your personal values and goals. Your financial plan will be one of a kind.

Sustainability Portfolios¹

Align your investment decisions with your environmental values while still maintaining a diversified portfolio.

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