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What is Know Your Worth Financial?

Know Your Worth Financial is a virtual financial planning firm that specializes in fee-only financial planning. We serve ambitious young individuals and couples of color who are ready to take action and start building towards their ideal financial future.


We empower our clients through guidance and education to help discover the best strategies and solutions for the major milestones of their financial life – starting a business, buying a home, getting married, starting a family, early retirement.



I'm Steven Chau, founder and CEO of Know Your Worth Financial and a Certified Financial Planner™ professional with over 13 years of experience in the financial services industry. My career destinations have included Charles Schwab, USAA, and Vanguard where I had managed over $220 million in assets. 

I created Know Your Worth Financial as an progressive and safe space for young people of any background, gender, identity or creed to talk about money and access financial advice without all the prerequisites of a traditional financial firm.

Professional career

Through my work in the financial industry I uncovered a deep passion for education and coaching. The phrase "Know Your Worth" was a consistent theme that came up when talking to others both personally and professionally about their future and the important decisions they needed to make.


As I progressed in my career, I found myself in a position where friends and family had started coming to me for guidance. Unfortunately, my experiences in the corporate world of financial services found that the traditional structure of financial firms did not focus or provide services to the people and communities closest to me.


Watching friends and family navigate through this increasingly complex financial environment inspired me to create Know Your Worth Financial – providing an inclusive platform for them to get the necessary tools that were previously unavailable and build the financial future they deserve.

Life outside of financial planning

As an Arizona native, I'm proud of all the growth I've seen in our beautiful state.


I met my wife Heidi while she was studying abroad at Arizona State. We married in 2014 and welcomed our beautiful daughter Luci to the world in 2021. When we're not at home, we enjoy dog parks with our Shiba pup (Bucky), trying new restaurants (don't hesitate to ask for recommendations) and traveling.

Outside of personal finance, my passion for coaching and mentorship has also extended to MMA. From the experience, I've been able to draw several parallels to my work as a financial planner. The ingredients to success are all the same: a good game plan, confidence, follow-thru and flexibility.

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