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Investment Management

Building the right investment portfolio can be difficult, it takes time and expertise. Staying disciplined and objective when maintaining your portfolio can be even more difficult. Let a professional keep you on track.

  • Behavioral coaching and objective investment decisions

  • Low-cost funds

  • Diversified portfolio

  • Sustainability funds available to clients wanting to align investment decisions with environmental values​

Our investment philosophy.

Financial markets are efficient.

We believe the markets are effective and efficient and prices accurately reflect available information and forecasts.


Studies analyzing investor behavior and market returns have shown that the average investor consistently underperforms the markets they're trying to beat. Over a 20 year period, the S&P 500 index had an average annual return 9.85% while the average investor only came away with a 5.19%¹

Objective and disciplined decision making.

Separating emotions from investing can be difficult and can really challenge your investment discipline.


Daily market news can raise emotions ranging from anxiety to the fear of missing out. Often times, these are the moments investors make mistakes. It's important to maintain a long-term perspective and remember the goals we're investing towards.

Focus on what we can control.

It's impossible to know what the markets are going to do in the future.

What we can do is build a portfolio around the factors that can be controlled – a diversified portfolio built around your goals and risk tolerance that manages costs through tax efficient investing and lower turnover.

Diversification is key.

Over extended periods of time, diversification of and within asset classes reduces risk in the securities selected and market timing errors. 


By reducing these factors, it increases the probability of capturing the returns offered by global financial markets.

Assets-Under-Management Fee Schedule

Account Value

$0 - $1,000,000

$1,000,001 and Above

Annual Investment Management Fee



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